Just got my car insurance bill -no change. Guess a publicity stunt  !! Where is the discount??


Hello @EXGMANI hope you and your family are doing well. If we can help with the current bill that generated prior to the announcement and payment that recently debited, please let us know. We're happy to review options that may be available to help meet your immediate needs. In the coming weeks, every member with an active auto insurance policy in March 2020 will receive a credit equal to 20% of two months of premiums. Additional communication will be sent out during the last week of April and the credit will be automatically applied to the P&C bill and will appear on the following month’s statement. Please visit http://usaa.com/coronavirus to view the latest info about how we are helping our members.

Same here, I just noticed that my insurance debited the regular payment today.

So does that mean that the 20% discount will take place next month?

Hello @Delta 211, that is correct.  The credit will be automatically be applied to the P&C bill and will appear on your next month’s statement, no additional action will be required. Additional communication will be sent out during the last week of April. If you have any additional concerns about your billing, please reach out to us via chat or phone to address your account in more detailed information.  ~Marco

Maybe a little better explanation to your members would help. I anticipated a discount on my April payment and May based on the previous info provided. Not a "catch-up" discount in May for April and May.

Hello @LegacyVetCAV, I hope you and your family are well and safe.  We understand our members are being impacted and we want to help.  Policyholders may start seeing the auto policy dividend credit on their P&C Bill as early as April 26.
Starting April 27, email or mail communication will be sent with the total amount the policyholder can expect to see on their P&C Bill.  Please continue to visit our site usaa.com/coronavirus for updates and information on how USAA is helping members and communities.  ~Marco

@20 % Not, I agree with you totally about what the communication should have looked like from USAA but did you really expect anything different?  USAA has the worst communication.  USAA values are NOTHING like military people.  Military people know how to communicate and set expectations.  If the expectation was that the discount wouldn't kick in until May, then just say so.  USAA plays games and isn't honest.  And, when they said that since invoices were already run they couldn't change anything, it makes me want to puke.  If they are telling us they are this amazing big company but can't figure out how to change/modify this "system" process, that should scare you.  I guarantee if you owned them money, they could change anything they wanted to in the system to make it happen.  It would not be put off a month.  While I don't need the money, there are many service members who do need it right away and were expecting it.  Their situation is now, not a month later.  Again, USAA values are not in the same hemisphere as the military.  They run ads saying they support military and how great they are, but in reality, they simple use/abuse the military.  Maybe they should go into business with First Command since they have the same morals, ethics and values - NONE.  Military personnel value honor, integrity, doing the right thing, excellence, etc.  I'm extremely disappointed in the retired military people on their board or in their organization.  Some of their board members are retired SNCOs and officers.  The fact that those individuals would join USAA tells you all you need to know about them as leaders.  The retired E-9s that work for them aren't not Chiefs, they are just E-9s which tells you everything you need to know.  They care about themselves and are willing to sell their fellow brothers and sisters down the river which is what USAA is about.  I am very much looking forward to getting back to a local credit union!  Credit Unions are member owned and truly look out for their members.

Hello, @FedUp4. This is certainly concerning to read and we definitely wouldn't want any member to feel this way. Bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further review and support on your concerns. ~ Steven

Totally agree with you!! My insurance keeps coming up when my last claim was over 15yrs ago (and was paid by other insurer!)

USAA has definitely has gone down hill, mainly because most of the resps have never been in military nor come from military families so they have NO clue what our community needs and excepts!
Got charged Max on April bill. Looks like May-June or June-July at EARLIEST. I feel for my fellow customers that aren't working and are struggling. I hope USAA doesn't disappoint everyone. At least until The end of the year when they jack-up our rates again. Funny, they haven't missed that, it's like clockwork.