0- Zilch- No STARS for USAA Car New Car Buying Program and Loan

20 years with USAA, 2 Mortgages (only normal re-occuring debt),All Insurance, Credit Card- NEVER missed a payment; used USAA credit card to put new carpet and paint on 2d home were selling using USAA selling services (Credit card still had $8K available), however this purchase dropped our Credit score of 821 to 799 (Still Excellent), trading in a 2018 model that is PAID FOR ($12- 15K KBB Value)...and a USAA Computer Generated System denies us a Pre-Approval using USAA Car Buying Service. Called to talk to a live person- they said they could not help that I need to call Experian... So, we decided to go to Toyota and see if our credit was that bad and take a "chance" we would be approved. Approved on the spot: "we would be nuts not to finance you". USAA services are going DOWN HILL! This is the last chance USAA is getting with this family for future loans and investments. 1)Bad experience on our second home purchase, 2)Recently discovered after trying to liquefy some Mutual funds USAA no longer handles this- a separate company now deals with this and you cant just transfer over phone any more, 3) Now this!