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I was wondering if non-military members are allowed on VA loans? My brother and I are thinking of buying a condo or townhouse.

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To purchase a house using the VA loan, both of you must be be eligable for the VA home loan guaruntee or you must be married.  I am currently in that situation and am waiting for the VA to come through with the certificate.

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1. To correct Corpaja the correct answer is maybe.


2. At least one "buyer" must meet the VA Loan Eligibility Requirements which can be found here.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If only one of the "buyers" meets the VA Loan Eligibility Requirements the "other co-signer" can take title with Veteran but no income from non-military co-signer can be used for qualification purposes unless you are married.


  • It's true that the legally married spouse of a military member or veteran can co-sign a VA loan. There is no "penalty" for doing so, the veteran loan is still fully guaranteed by the VA.
  • Two unmarried military members are also able to co-sign on a VA loan with the same results.
  • When a military member or veteran wants to bring an unrelated, non-military cosigner, the VA allows this with one major exception. The VA guarantee is limited to the amount of the veteran's interest in the property. Some companies won't allow these types of "mixed" loans, so you may have a bit of shopping around to do before finding a lender willing to work with you.
  • The reality is most VA lenders aren’t going to issue a loan without a complete guaranty from the VA. That guaranty is what gives lenders the confidence and ability to originate loans without a down payment. Veterans without an acceptable co-borrower—again, either a spouse or another veteran—are going to be hard-pressed to find a lender will to take them on.

3. You can learn more about getting a VA Loan with USAA by clicking here.


I hope this helps you.



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Website Guru,

Thank you for your insightful and helpful response!

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Thank you, this helps!

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Does the VA-Eligible cosigner have to occupy the home as well?

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DVLAW, yes the VA-Eligible cosigner would have to occupy the home as well. - Robert

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