Buying a car

Buying a car

USAA and extended vehicle protection

I financed a car with USAA. I was offered exteneded vehicle protection which I took and paid for in full out of checking. Reviewin...

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USAA called to tell me they worked with the vendor to cancel the unauthorized EVP and will refund the amount in questio...
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The loan paperwork was signed electronically. It did not have the EVP. USAA made an error and then argued with me about...

used auto loan with USAA after chapter 13

so ive gotten quotes about my home and auto insurance with usaa. I need an auto loan and wanted to know if anyone else has been ab...

Extended Vehicle Protection plans

I purchased a new car and looked at the EVP plans USAA offered. I don't generally buy an extended warranty but since USAA acted as...

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I cancelled the EVP, USAA added a second EVP and added it to my loan and charged me for doc stamps. What are you people...
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Dear 727, Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts on the EVP from Assurant solutions. I have passed this fee...

Why does my ad expire so soon

Why do I have to change it in order to renew it?

Auto loan co-signer

I am looking to finance a car but being that it is my first car purchase having a co-signer is a must. My parents are willing to d...

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I'm assuming you're going to finance with USAA. If so it's VERY easy. We co-signed on 2 for our son. The 1st he was at ...

Assuming an auto loan?

Without going into all the fun details... Does USAA allow for an auto loan to be assumed/taken over by someone else? We are hoping...

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Hi MrsL, If you give us a call here at 1-800-531-8722, you can discuss your situation with an auto loan specialist they...

Car Loans

We have saved up about $10,000 as a down payment towards a new car. I am looking at a Camry XSE for around $22,000. However, our c...

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For 10k you can get two reliable used cars and have no payments.
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Take a look at a Hyundia.  You can't beat their warranty!  

Help getting an auto loan?

I applied at USAA and was declined. Also the 2nd service they sent me to declined my application. I am fresh out of a divorce with...


Recently my vehicle engine had caugh fire and that vehicle is totaled. I drive quite a bit for work and was wondering how one woul...

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Try a local credit union. I hate to say it but they are more willing to help you as long as the car you replace the bur...
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I've been shopping Buy here Pay here dealerships and the interest rate was 25% Even with 30% ($5,000) down