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Thanks for the SPAM

Aug 17, 2016

I used the auto shoping utility and now I'm receiving unwanted calls from credit card and debt consolidation companies. Thanks for...

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XcuseMe, Thank you for sharing your feedback. We regret to hear that you feel this way. USAA does not sell your informa...
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user.login: Please s
USAA is simply another bank in the Federal Reserve's banking cartel. The don't care about you.

Getting approved

Aug 15, 2016

With a credit score of 695 and an annual income of around $22,000. Do you think I would be approved for a 60 month $17,000 auto lo...

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Jimmy joe1, Thank you for posting in the Community. You are correct that we consider several factors when you apply for...
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What are you waiting for ? Getting and paying off the loan, will ultimately improve your score !

Buy new car

Aug 8, 2016

I am about to buy a new car I am stationed in Virginia. My family lives in Massachusetts. Which state is best to buy a car for the...

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user.login: Please s
Buy used. Private dealer. Taxation is theft.
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I work for a car dealership and the way the rebates and incentives work is based on your residency. No matter where you...

Car Buying Service Waste of Time

Aug 7, 2016

Being stationed across the United States in remote geographcially locations doesn't necessarily provide a whole lot of opportuniti...

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Celeste USAA
CUTiger18, This is not the experience we want you to go through when using the car buying service. Our goal is to provi...
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You are misunderstanding USAA's position in this matter. This has nothing to do with USAA but all to do with that deale...

Patient loan agent - Mo

Jul 30, 2016

My husband and I have been members for more than 16 years. USAA has not once failed us. Yesterday, this relationship was further s...

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Cynthia USAA
Bailey Family, That you for your post and helping start our work week in such a positive note! It's wonderful to hear w...

Car buying service bait and switch Paul Conte Chevy

Jul 26, 2016

I would like to relay my experience and warning to others. I went on teh car buying service nad found a car at Paul Conte Chevy in...

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Btenant as a gm employee, most dealerships do not offer additional discounts on used cars. But you are accurate on the ...
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Celeste USAA
Btenant, Thanks for your post in Community. We appreciate you sharing your personal experience using USAA's auto circle...

Article for Military Money Matters - Car Buying

Jul 25, 2016

Hi, I am a retired Disabled Veteran who has become a licensed and bonded car dealer. I have served the local and international com...

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Ernest, Thank you for posting in USAA Member Community. USAA Members are always interested in military veteran entrepre...
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Cynthia USAA
Sharp CarZ, Due to our terms of use, we do not allow posts with information such as email addresses and other contact i...


Jul 17, 2016

I applied for a $5500.00 USAA car loan today. I have almost a 800 Experian credit score (the one they use), great DTI, long standi...

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Celeste USAA
Whit1981, Thank you for posting in Community. This is not the experience we want for our members. We have escalated you...
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You just complained about all the wrongs that USAA has done to you, but then you want them to solve the problem and app...

Want to trade large 5th wheel for small motorhome

Jul 13, 2016

USAA loan on a 2015 Blue Ridge model 3125 RL. It's fully loaded out with the exception of an Onan generator. Brand new (5) Micheli...

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Thanks for posting f4cobraman. You may have some luck using USAA's Auto Circle to help sell your Blue Ridge! Best of lu...

Car buying service disappointment

Jul 11, 2016

We bought a new RAM from University CDJR in Florence, AL last October. We identified ourselves as USAA members and the dealer did ...

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The USAA Car Buying Service is the same as TrueCar I believe. USAA doesn't regulate the dealers or decide which dealers...
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Gary Simpson, Thank you for posting your experience in the Community. The Car Buying Service works by offering referral...
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