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Car buying service guaranteed price.

Jan 14, 2017

We needed to replace our car that was totaled, so we went on the USAA car buying service and searched in the state of Florida. We ...

USAA Social Service's avatar
USAA Social Service
Marlou. This is disappointing to hear and certainly not the type of service we expect you to have. I have shared your c...

Dealership not honoring guaranteed quote

Jan 12, 2017

I have encountered yet another dealership that states they will honor USAA guaranteed quotes but after reviewing my quote they com...

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Having the same issues, two dealers both refusing to honor the guaranteed qoute. Both dealers in the Joe Cooper Autogro...
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Thank you Cathleen. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Jan 11, 2017

What approximate price break does a USAA Member receive by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle through the USAA Car Buying Program? I c...

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USAA Social Service
Hi Crackerman! That's a great question. The price break will be dependent on the dealer and what discounts they'll prov...

Selling Mazda miata mx5

Jan 9, 2017

2007 sport black convertible. Dallas Texas. Clean title at hand. Email for more info

Never Again!!!!

Jan 3, 2017

I Do Not Recommend USAA car buying service. It is a scam being they allow their representatives to lie about information just to c...

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USAA Social Service
We certainly thank you for taking the time to share your personal experiences with our products and services. We hope w...
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El Derdonkderdo
I'm with Rochelle. Just bought a car last week with car buying service, went great all in one day and got the car for l...

Bad credit due to divorce

Jan 1, 2017

I've been without a vehicle for a year now because I was scammed from an Auto dealership and finance company working together. The...

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USAA Social Service
Thanks for posting, Ginger68. I attempted to contact you at the number on file, but wasn't able to reach you. I've sent...
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USAA Social Service
Ginger68, we regret your current situation. I have shared your posts with our loan department. Currently, there are no ...

Never again

Dec 30, 2016

Got approved for a small used car loan. Found a car. Was told that since i got all my paperwork signed by 16:00, I'd receive the o...

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Wow... How long does this "research" take? I still haven't heard from anyone. Are you walking from San Antonio to Dalla...
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USAA Social Service
Oh no, 1119b. This is definitely not the way we like our members to feel. I regret the delay in getting this completed ...

Car Buying Service Complaints

Dec 29, 2016

USAA do not control over interest rates nor how dealers price their vehicles. I saw a post from someone who stated that the car bu...


Dec 27, 2016

I want the CEO to call me.

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These automated, lipservice, messages do not help anyone feel better about the decline in USAA.
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USAA Social Service
Thank you for reaching out to us. I was able to locate your information. Please be assured you will be contacted once w...

Buying a new car

Dec 27, 2016

We have been using USAA for our vehicle, boat and RV loan. We are looking at a brand new 2016 Dodge Charger with 12 miles on it. I...

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USAA Social Service
Thanks for taking my call again. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns. - Cath...
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Loving life12
I have that information now
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