Army Strong 2016! Have question about student loan repaym...

Jun 24, 2016

Dear Everyone, My name is Lee. I am a new enlisted army reservist. I have question about how to use the GI bill and student loan r...

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LeeYing, We appreciate you taking the time to post your question in the Community. Once you are ready to apply for a st...

Disney Discounts

Jun 17, 2016

I am going to be in Orlando next week. As a USAA member, are we entitled to discounts at Disney theme parks?

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Our family visits mousesavers.com the site is devoted to Orlando deals from theme parks to car rentals. Hope that helps
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Ghirardelli in downtown disney gives you a discount with your usaa card

Still Watching and Waiting

Jun 6, 2016

I check back on this post a times a year just to see. like many here i have "a few" accounts with USAA and waiting to hear about "...

UMG performance

May 15, 2016

Do you really think the perofrmance of your mangaed funds is comparable to anyone else? I see lots of movement and lots of fees bu...

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pinetree, Thank you for your feedback in Community. We'd like to discuss your concerns further. I have requested a spec...
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Fees are very high and some cost are not exposed. Not good.

Bad Experience with Explore Cruise and Travel

May 11, 2016

So a tip for all of you that may be planning on booking a cruise through them. Get Onboard Ship Credit, thought we were getting a ...

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Dear Arago, I was made aware that you were to speak with a representative and I wanted to check in and see that this is...
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Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you had a poor experience redeeming your vouchers. Your feedback is important, and we will sha...


May 3, 2016

How do you see you id # online?

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Nana1738, Thanks for reaching out in Community. Your member number will be located on the first page top left-hand corn...

Explore Cruise and Travel

Apr 29, 2016

I've just starting connecting with Sheena from Explore Cruise and Travel and it has been a pleasant experience so far. She was ver...

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LuckySheep, First of all, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! What an exciting time. I am pleased to hear your e...

It's a deal killer

Apr 20, 2016

I love USAA but without some kind of savings feature tied to purchases, I'm not moving my accounts. I am with Wells Fargo now and ...

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Every customer decides deal/deal killer.  
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Scoop104, Thank you for your feedback as we always look for opportunities to improve. Based on member feedback, our tea...

Hit & run

Apr 19, 2016

It's incredibly frustrating to be hit by someone in a parking lot and the driver of that vehicle leaves no information. Yet our in...

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Kt2925, Thank you for your inquiry. I am reaching out to a claims colleague to review your claim further and contact yo...

Life Insrurance Fraud

Apr 18, 2016

Recent discovery of wide spread failure to pay proper beneificiaries of in-force life policies and instead simply steal the death ...

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TY. Suggest this topic be covered in the USAA monthly member publication. Policy holder benefits should always be place...
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pinetree, Thank you for your post in Community. At USAA we understand the importance of having a life insurance policy ...
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