Sep 4, 2015

I'm livid with the lack of customer service that USAA now provides. I called and spoke with a Senior Customer Service Rep. WHAT A ...

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An Internet bank is definitely not the way to go when you're a student living paycheck to paycheck. If something bad ha...


Aug 28, 2015

In nj what fees can be charged by a executor to administer an estate of a deceased parent

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jls1932, I am sorry to hear about the passing of your parent. My sincerest condolences. From my knowledge, this can var...

Membershop where?!!?

Aug 25, 2015

I've spent 20 minutes trying to find membershop off my usaa app. And I'm tech savvy. It shouldn't be this hard!

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Thank you, Taspole for helping out!
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Also top of app - Browse all products and services, scroll down to shopping and discounts.

USAA is the worst

Aug 15, 2015

So I had insurance with USAA in 2014 till march 2015. I switched because geico was giving me a cheaper rate. A few months later I ...

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TheMerc, So you feel your behavior in this forum is satisfactory? Why must you demean a member who is trying to vent hi...
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The moderation policy you are talking about is nonesense. You abid by it and enforce it as you wish. So biased its a sh...

Auto policy

Aug 9, 2015

USAA sent me a letter months ago before my son got his permit, it said if I added him to my policy now my rates would not increase...

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The Merc
All three sons - learners permit - no increase. All three sons - drivers license and car - BIG increase. Not sure what ...
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Financially Focused
RJ and Nita. My daughter recently got her learners permit, and I added her to our policy at no additional cost / premiu...

Checking account credit

Aug 7, 2015

I received an email stating that if I opened a checking account and had two direct deposits of $250 or more post, I would receive ...

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Thank you for your inquiry into the $300 offer for a new checking account with direct deposits. All members who qualify...
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Phantom Cobra
This is a community board. Generally we can give advise and guidance. However this board is not a "bank email" type thi...

USAA recommends CIGNA dental, but it is a ripoff - why do...

Aug 6, 2015

USAA recommended the CIGNA dental plan. You would expect when USAA recommends a product that it would be in the best interests of ...

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The Merc
There are four different CIGNA plans listed - you chose the least expensive. The plan states: "This plan only covers ex...
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jim19, Thank you for sharing your comment in the community. We have sent this over to our partners who handle the CIGNA...

Bad Faith

Jul 30, 2015

I bought into the hype. I pay substantially more for my USAA homeowners and auto insurance because I belived that I would receive ...

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So it is now August 10th and I am still not satisfied. I was given an inaccurate approval for only part of the claim th...
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Dear Member, Thank you for participating in the Member Community, even though I wish it was under happier circumstances...

USAA Telemarketing

Jul 28, 2015

USAA has a link to travel benefits, cruises, hotels, etc. If you click that link your visit is recorded and the travel company wil...

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I never gave Explore Travel my cell phone number and I never opted in on their web site. Can you post how they got it a...
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I’m pretty dumbfounded how this issue was handled. First, I already received an email from USAA basically saying, “yes ...

Door ding

Jul 25, 2015

I recently took a car that I rarely drive to a theme park just to save a little with gas prices spiking. I parked it in premium pa...

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Hi DJArt81, Such a bummer about your car! If you give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 a claims specialist can review your p...
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