Youth Banking

I have 2 boys added as members who are 14 & 15 years of age. When I try to set up a youth banking account I'm being told that I do...

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Thanks for the reply. I entered the year of birth incorrectly haha.
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Have you added them as family members on your account? you can see the family members you have added by going to my pro...

Affordable travel

hi, can anyone recommend how to vacation on a single income with my teenage son. We are traveling with another family of five, so ...

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Hi LoveyaKK, I recommend browsing throught the travel deals we offer here :


I became eligibile to join USAA through my grandfather. Can my mother-in-law join USAA through me?

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Probably not. You can find the current eligibility requirements at: Who Can Join? For an official answer, she will need...

Niece & Nephew

I have a niece and nephew living with me, can I as a USAA Member obtian membership for them?

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Hi MamaMilano, Thank you for your question. We would need to know a bit more about your niece and nephews parents or yo...

If only you remembered way back when...

My husband & I are part of our family's 2nd out of 5 generations, totaling well over 100 family members. We remember when USSA was...

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I would like to be able to edit my post after it's been submitted. I don't think it's possible...let me know if I'm wro...

I live in texas and heard there is a kinda free annual re...

I am military and am stationed in texas and want to get my car repainted I have insurance for texas can I get usaa to pay for the ...

FasTrak Los Angeles?

i commute into downtown LA. I know AAA members are able to get FasTrak for free. Does USAA offer anything like that?

SafeLite Ripoff - Check the website first!!

Hey USAAers, Thought to warn everyone trying to purchase a new windshield from SafeLite. I wanted to check and see if the price wa...

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"Thought to warn everyone trying to purchase a new windshield from SafeLite. I wanted to check and see if the price was...

BIOMETRIC Security Feature

Love USAA. DESPISE the Biometric Feature, because it won't work on my iPhone 5. Works on iPhone 6.Why???

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Disregarded customer
Your phone sucks man, get on with your life. LOL.
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It was designed for the increased detail that can be perceived and speed of processing that the iPhone 6 has. So app cr...


What's the best way to earn reward points ?

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Check the MemberShop when ordering online. In many cases you can get additional reward points for items you are going t...