For the past three weeks I have been dealing with a W-9 popup screan everytime I enter the check and savings registry. When I answer the questions on the pop up, I get an error stating I have to call the technical department. I have called them. They sent my the W-9 form. I signed it and sent it back. USAA mispaced the form. I had to call again to find out the status of the form. It got moved to the right box, I hope, although I still am seeing the W-9 pop up screen. I don't want to call the technical department again, because I live in Australia. It doesn't do any good to chat with someone because they can't resolve the issue. I am sending this post, in the hope someone at USAA can solve the issue.


Sorry to hear you are having difficulty, @aussie125. Due to the complexity of this account, please contact us at 800-531-8722 or our international phone number 0011-800-531-87220. You can also initiate a chat on Thank you. ~Sarah

Those numbers are not toll free. The person on the other end of a chat can't fix the issue. I need a direct email address to the technical department.

@aussie125, I think calling is the only way to resolve. I think you have put in way more effort that you should have. This is the last thing that I can think of for you to contact us at no cost to you. Web Support has no email address I am very sorry that is not an option. I hope this works. Please call us collect at 210-498-2722. Sometimes you can make an internet call through the app. ~ Suzy