Soldier Customer

I am waiting on my 1098 for my house tax info. Any idea when I will see that? 


Excellent question, @Soldier Customer - I've sent a request to a colleague in the Mortgage area to look into this for you. Please know they aren't currently in the office, but will have this first thing in the morning. - Cathleen

Could you please share the instructions for getting my 1098? It is not with all the other tax forms in my USAA account. Thanks.

Thank you for reaching out, @Spartan Mom. I have shared your post with our Mortgage Department. They will reach out to you with the instructions for getting your 1098. We appreciate your patience. Tricia

@Soldier Customer,


Thank you for reaching out via Community. I regret to hear that you have been unable to locate your 1098 for your mortgage interest paid. I have shared your concerns with a colleague in the mortgage department who will reach out to assist you. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your needs. ~Gus

I have yet to recieve my 1098 as well. 

@OscarMike1,  I will forward this on to be reviewed. We will conduct a follow up regarding this matter.


Thank you for your inquiry via Community. I am sorry to hear you haven't been able to obtain your 1098 for mortgage interest paid. I have shared this information with a colleague in our mortgage department who will research your this and reach out to help. We appreciate your patience and the opportunity to assist you. ~Jeanni 

I also need mine.

@Stephen IV, thank you for your response regarding your 1098 document for your mortgage account.  Your concerns will be shared with one of our colleagues in our mortgage department. They will review this matter and be in contact with you further to discuss this matter.