El Lagartija

When will va compensation be made available this month


@El Lagartija, thank you for contacting us about your VA compensation. Our records show the payment date is December 31, 2018 and the bank will be open on that date to process direct deposits. If the pay is released soon we will credit your account on the business day the funds are received. Please review your account at that time for an update. Thank you. - Rhonda

Usually my VA compensation goes in the day before...does that mean tommorow? Dec 28

@El Lagartijawe post direct deposits the same day we receive the deposit information. There are no holds or delays in processing them, as it's done automatically. This means you'll see the deposit the same time we will, but I can't guarantee if the deposit will be received early for posting. I would recommend that you monitor your account for receipt of the deposit. - Cathleen