usaa debit card not working at bank of america ATMs


Has anyone else had problems with this? My husband has tried to use my debit card at several Bank of America ATMs and they haven't worked. Other ATMs are fine. Is this a BoA things?


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We are having the same problem at multiple Bank of America locations in Lake Orion, MI

Hello @rlast, your USAA debit card should be accepted at all ATM machines. This may be an issue with their machine. -Colleen

I have tried 3 BOA ATMS last 2 days. All transactions were declined.
I'm in Houston and I've been declined at all of the BOA ATMs .
Yes! I’ve experienced the same thing! It’s only with BOA. I called USAA and they said the problem was unknown to them. Very, very frustrating!!!

@Jill5, I regret your frustration in trying to use your debit card with BOA. There has been no reports of ATM/debit card issues with other banks. This may be an issue with the actual BOA machines not accepting or reading the cards. You would need to contact them to report the issues. Thank you. - Ben

I am having the same issue. I’ve tried it at several BOA ATM’s and it just won’t work. Does anyone know why?

I have the same issue.  I work in a building owned by Bank of America and the ATM there repeatedly declines any transactions.  The other day out and about I stopped at another BOA ATM and the same thing happened.  I just go down the street to Wells Fargo to get cash out.  It is very frustrating because it declines at the end of the transaction after you have gone through all the hoops. I would say it is not the machine but BOA itself.