Just want to let the credit card security know I and my wife are traveling to California, England, Ireland and the Netherlands from July 1st to July 23rd.   John Blewitt [removed sensitive data]


@Aardvarkdriver, I understand that you will be traveling next month. Before departing for your trip, I recommend submitting a travel notification. You may do so by following these steps: 

  1. Go to the My USAA home page.
  2. Select the card that will be used while traveling.
  3. From the I Want To section, select More Services.
  4. From the Services section, select Manage Travel Notifications.
  5. Follow the prompts to add a travel notice. 

It is important to note that adding a travel notification does not guarantee authorization of charges. Transactions continue to be monitored for potential fraudulent activity. 


When traveling, USAA recommends updating Fraud Alert preferences so that the preferred contact methods can be used if USAA needs to contact you while you're traveling.


Have a great trip! ~DC