scheduled transactions not available under checking account

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My wife's mobile app has a setting to toggle "view scheduled transactions" under the cheking account menu.  I do not.  Why is that?


Hello @LostInMA, Great question. We have 2 versions of banking views.There is the normal view that you have and the other is when your using our Budgeting tools. We have new Budget tools coming but if you wanted to switch views you would go to My Tools on and select Budget. I believe that is why your seeing different views. Your wife may have used the budgeting tools and as a result she has the budgeting view. I hope that helps. ~Suzy


Does toggling that on the web also toggle it in the app?

It would be the budget view so it would change the view on the app as well. ~Suzy

I'm not trying to be obtuse, but I don't see a thing under My Tools on the website which enables the Budget view.  

@LostInMA, when logged in, please select 'My Tools' at the time, on the right side under 'Budgeting & Goals' you will select the third option that says 'Budget' for this change! Hope that is helpful! :) ~ Samantha

Yes ma'am, I did that on the website on my desktop PC.  All it says is:  


We've listened to your feedback.

New budgeting tools are coming.


There is no option to select or deselect the view

Hmm! I would recommend reaching out to our tech support for better assistance with this budget view. They can be reached at 877-632-3002 and when prompted, please say 'Tech Support' ~ Samantha

I've already done that.  They were not able to help.  I have to say, that USAA's website and app have gotten steadily worse and more confusing in the last several years.  It's counterintuitive.  

I apologize for the this inconvenience and the frustration. I will definitely have this feedback submitted on your behalf. ~ Samantha