Why must it be such a secrect on how to redeem the reward points I've earned over the years? With Discover card I earn cash and it's quite easy to redeem.




Dear jr70e,

Thanks for reaching out. As long as your account is open and in good standing, you can redeem the points you have earn at any time by accessing the USAA rewards service center at http://usaa.com. If you have not already done so, please contact one of our bank specialists at 210-531-USAA (8722) to discuss options for the future. Thank you again for commenting.

The path to finding rewards points, as described by the community members below is exceptionally obscure. I share the original posters amazement at the non-intuitive link. Please consider getting this link added to account tools under the credit card section.


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Thank you for taking a few minutes to post your feedback in the Community. USAA is always looking for ways to improve the experience for our members. Your feedback was shared with our Member Feedback Teams who review all feedback in consideration of future product and service enhancements.

Redeeming points is still obscure. USAA has done nothing to improve they're accessibility. Please, someone do something that actually improves the experience of trying to use your points. Otherwise, may as well go to any of the other humdred sites out there (i.e. Hotels.com, Trivago). Being a member does nothing for their members in regards to discounted pricing on hotel stays.

Hey MagicMike, I do regret to hear of the experience that you have had. To redeem rewards on USAA.com you would select the card you wish to redeem from then on the upper right hand corner you will see what balance you have available. To redeem you can select 'View and Redeem Rewards'. To view what discounts USAA members have on USAA.com search 'member shop'. This will bring up a variety of items we have to review. I hope this is helpful, thank you.

I've tried every tab on the mobile site and have yet to find the link too redeem points
I've tried every tab on the mobile site and have yet to find the link to redeem points.

@CavScout78, To redeem your points you will need to be on the website, which you can access from the app. From the main screen click on the menu in the upper right and you will see launch usaa.com.  Once on the website, click on the credit card and on the right side next to the transactions you will see your points and a link to redeem. I hope this helps!   ~Tom

Try this: From USAA Home Page
In the section My Accounts Summary -> Banking -> Click -> "Visa"
Scroll to the bottom, under Account Services -> Rewards -> Click-> "View and Redeem Rewards"