Going to every outlet so I can to express my frustration with USAA that has now reached a tipping point. My wife and I are going out of town and so he has access to money through his phone, my son needed to recover his online ID and PW.


We called because we were unable to do it online. After I passed the phone to my son, "Jerome" asked him security questions that included asking for his online ID. So, he does not know his online ID (note the reason for the call). We were told he should call back and "the system" would generate new questions. We called back and "Rosie" asked my son the same questions. So, he failed the ID check again. He was passed to "a specialist" who then told us that because he could not tell them his online ID he failed the identity check. I told "the specialist" we could tell her whatever else they need to verify his identity: SSN, home address, DOB, location of birth, blood type, hair color, shoe size, how long he has been a USAA member, USAA account number, how long I have been a USAA member. "The specialist" told us "the system" has locked her out and that she could not vouch for what was said by "Jerome", or "Roise", or anyone else at USAA but that my son would need to upload his DL and SSN.


So, these people - "Jerome", "Rosie". "the Specialist", and the two other people I spoke with - are concerned about identity theft. So, they want my son to upload his SSN and a copy of a DL. USAA already has his SSN so now we have to upload it again. He does not drive yet. If we upload the SSN and a photo of his non-existent DL it will take 24 hours for someone to verify him in "the system". I asked "the specialist" if a "person" could verify his identity and her reply was that "the system" does not allow that and that we need to wait 24 hours now to get his online ID and pw reset by "the system". I asked her why "a person" cannot verify his identity on the phone and "the specialist" said "the system" does not allow that.


So, my wife has left out of town tonight, I leave tomorrow morning, and my son has no access to his online account because "a person" could not verify his identity on the phone and "the system" locked him out. I have had enough. USAA, you have managed to get very little correct since about 2002. You have mishandled this incident, you gorked up my wife's smashed back car window claim, sent me a random letter about account fraud that "Carole" said to me that after research you "sent the letter in error", you gooned up my property damage claim, damaged my scores with the credit bureaus by issuing me two Visa cards that put my re-finance in jeopardy after your customer service reps told us "you don't control the credit bureaus and there is nothing we can do." I could keep going.


Your customer service is not what it was when I first became a member. Your company is not what it was when I became a member. We are leaving USAA before year end. The sad part is, you will do nothing and our leaving will mean nothing. I have been with you for over 30 years and as long as you keep expanding your eligibility rules you will keep getting new customers faster than old customers get frustrated and leave. It will all look good on paper.  Google search on "Bad USAA experience" and 2.81 million hits come back. That is a lot of walkers.


Hello. We have received your concern through our other social channel. Please refer to our previous response that we forwarde to you via the Twitter social channel. Unfortunately once your son's account is locked out due to multiple authentication failure, we will require the additional documentation that was requested. We are sorry that our customer service has let you down and you are considering leaving us. We would never want to lose your trust, your business or to push you away. We value your membership that you've held with us for over 30 years and you leaving us is not something we take likely. We sincerely hope you will reconsider. Please let us know if we can further assist you regarding your son's authentication and again, very sorry for all the difficulties this process has caused you.