I cant get some of my non usaa accounts to update i have tried updating cerdentials and then even deleted the account and reenter all infor and it still will not update or add them back into my account.  The bank I cant get to update or reenter all info is Barksdale Federal CU and I have went to there website and was able to log in no problem.


Hello @fkb1979, thank you for providing all the correct details. I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. If you are able to successfully login to your external non-USAA account without issue, the same user ID and password should be used when adding to our site. 


From your message you stated you've tried deleting and re-adding to our system. One recommendation I'd like to try, is have you clear all history/cache/cookies and do NOT use any saved links such as a shortcut/bookmark/favorite to access our website before logging in. Once you've cleared history, please enter directly into a new browser window and see if this resolves the issue you've been experiencing. 

If you are unable to resolve with the recommended steps, please reach out to our Website Support Team at 210-531-8722 for additional assistance. Thank you! ~ Lori