What prevents a person from creating a ACH requst for money and just have the funds removed from your account with no inpute from the account holder? They could have it deposited anywhere in the worlld.  🤢


@sykes357, thank you for reaching out to us. This is definitely a valid concern and we do have options for our members to request ACH stop payments if they are aware of a possible ACH withdrawal attempt from a company. Without the notification we are unable to determine if a transaction is authorized or not. Should an ACH post to your account without your authorization we are able to submit an unauthorized ACH dispute for you and request future stop payments to prevent further unauthorized transactions. If you have a concern regarding your account for a particular transaction I recommend contacting us via chat to further discuss your concerns. From the USAA website, you can chat with us by selecting "Help " and "I want to talk to someone" or "Ask USAA" from the account page. The mobile app also has the "Help" option to initiate a chat session. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out. 

USAA requires that you put on your account number when you indorse it.  I would like to see some protection put on to protect my account.  Example when I use my credit card phone app my account number is not used, but a different number is used to prevent someone from charging my credit card on line.  I think that USAA could easily do the same thing for mobile deposit, whcih instead of requiring the actual account number uses something else. I am not sure what the USAA liabilty would be as it is the one creating the potential ach problem.  

I think that this is breech in USAA DATA protechtion requiring that owner of the account put down their account number, then the person gets the negotiated check back usually with the front and the back of the check.

Every day some business is being hacked and this type of information is stolen, USAA just hands it out knowing that ACH withdrawl is possible with no safegaurd in place.  Would you please forward this to someone in USAA who would be concerned about the liability to USAA is being created for no reason and a easy fix is possible. I.E. Like the Credit Card apps that dont use your actual credit card number on the transaction.

@sykes357, Thank you for the feedback, I have submitted it and forwarded your concerns to a Bank specialist for review. ~Tom