I am a 25 + year member of USAA;  Auto insurance 3 vehicles, Homeowners insurance, Banking (numerous accounts).  Today I discovered that the operating system on my phone is no longer able to support the USAA app.  Last week app worked fine with android 5.1... now suddenly, without warning it's no longer functional.  I have a check to deposit, and can't do it.  Researching this issue I'm told to go to "" as a work around.  That does not work around, it only informs me that I need to download the new app which isn't supported by 5.1.. This is not a work around it is an endless loop.... Run Around...

Thanks very much for the advance notice that this was coming, thanks for giving members with older phones the opportunity to make other arrangements, thanks for insisting that we spend hundreds of $ to update our devices for the priviledge of using your banking app.  

How is it possible that no advance warning is given?

How do I go about making electronic check deposits?

To say that I'm pi**ed off is a gross understatement.  I'm thankful that I am not deployed and discovering this.


Hello @bear2019, I am very sorry to hear your phone is no longer compatible with the USAA app. You should be able to still make deposits using Please contact our website support department at 877-632-3002 for additional assistance. -Colleen