is direct deposit delayed today?


Thank you for reaching out, @eazyb. We are unable to give you an exact time the release of funds occurs. USAA processes direct deposits over a period of 24 hours; the release of funds occurs throughout the course of that particular business day; ensuring the funds are available on the morning of the actual pad day. Please let us know if you have any question or concerns. Thank you - Tricia

Since they have completely dodged your yes or no question by writing a paragraph that doesnt answer your question, I thought I'd let you know that yes, deposits seem delayed today as it is curently now 9 hours later than my deposit usually shows up in my account and still shows nothing.

@Jarhead0651, I'm sorry to hear you haven't received your direct deposit. I'd like to look into this for you. Please allow me a moment to review your information. Thank you!

I appreciate your patience, @Jarhead0651. Please send us a Private Message so that we can provide additional information by selecting the top right corner under your user handle for a drop down menu. Please select the envelope icon and the next page you will be able to "Send a New Message".

Mine is not in there. I called and you get a bs answer. I just caught one of the representatives trying to feed me a garbage answer. The only thing they can say is wait pretty much. I'm leaving this bank if something is not done about this.

@Ed1462We strive to provide funds one day prior to the actual pay day, which is dependent on the funds being received. If at this point, you do not see your funds available in your account, USAA has not received your direct deposit. I understand this may be an inconvenience for you. Please continue to monitor your accounts, as this will be the first place you will see the funds ~ Samantha