international wire transfer information to deposit to usaa


I am trying to transfer money from my foreign bank account (ING netherlands. They want information from USAA that I do not know how to get. They need:

Plaats begunstigde (Place Beneficiary)

IBAN ontvanger (IBAN receiver)

BIC Bank begunstigde (SWIFT) (BIC Bank Beneficiary)

I used my account number for the IBAN and I used the routing number for the SWIFT, and for Place beneficiary I used USAA. But this does not seem to work. Maybe you have an actual Swift code, and I do not know what the IBAN is if it is not the account number. If you can help than that would be great.



Hi Whiteshepherd, I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused and I'll be happy to assist. USAA does not have SWIFT or IBAN number as we use an intermediary bank to process international wire transfers. The Bank of New York Mellon processes international wire transfers on our behalf. The funds are then routed to USAA and placed in your account. You can wire funds from most financial institutions directly to The Bank of New York Mellon, where they convert the funds into U.S. currency with no fee to your USAA Federal Savings Bank account. You'll need to confirm with the financial institution whether they are able to wire funds to Bank of New York Mellon. For additional assistance, International wire transfer instructions can be located using this link: I hope this is helpful ~Michelle