i signed up for Debt Protection and lost my job about 30 dates later no fault of my own. why won't they pay my payments?

Proud American79

i had debt protection plan added to my auto loan contract when i purchased a new vehicle in August of 2018.  In Septemer 2018 i was let go from my employment.  I continued to pay for the debt protection until December 2018 but they won't cover my late payments stating i agreed that the coverage was excluded for 30 days from time first added to contract.  There are no documents that state this information anywhere that i can find.  Please let me know exactly where this information is written. I made my loan payments up until january and now i need help with this proctection i have been paying for. 


@proud American79, this is unfortunate to hear. I recommend contacting us via private chat on USAA.com or by phone at 800-531-8722 so that we can provide further assistance. ~ Sam