how i can add my son so he can make his own cheking account



Hello @Nano45, you can select your name at the top right of the page. Under My Profile and Preferences you will see the option to Add Family Members. Once he is added here he can register online or call us to open an account. -Colleen

he is already add but when he call to make an account they ask for a usaa# and he does not have it. also last night when i add him on the phone with a customer service rep i gave his ss# wronghow i can fix that or can you delete him and i add it again

I am sorry to hear of these troubles @Nano45. If you call in with your son on the line or with you then we can look him up under your profile and give him his member number. Before he opens a new account we will have to get the social security number updated. Unfortunately we are unable to assist with this in this forum. -Colleen 

so do you recomend; that i call and fix the error or he can call and fix it. since he is working today can i call to fix and later he can call to open the account since he is interest on a checking account and a auto refinance

You will not be able to update his social security number. We will have to speak to him regarding this. -Colleen

he told me his correct SS# since i am his father i cannot fix it on my account?

Since your son is not a minor and already a USAA member, he will have to contact us to make these changes. I do apologize for this inconvenience.  -Colleen

to what number he can contact usaa to adress that situation

@Nano45, he can call us at 210-531-8722. -Colleen