I've researched this and only found posts a few years old.  Any updated information about removing a family member from the account.  Only has a credit card, not the entire account.  The form to sign off, as described in older posts, is not an option.  


In those older posts, a suggested option is for the prime member (in this case, me) to close the entire account.  If that still is the case, does that close the other party's American Express card (the desired outcome)?  What about the Visa card I have? Does that transfer to the new account, assuming opening another for myself alone?


@captbarty, thanks for reaching out for information. The process to remove someone from an account will depend on how the account was initially set up, meaning, if the account is a full joint account or if some of the cardholders is listed as an authorized user. If you would like to private message us, we would be happy to take a look at the account to ensure we're providing steps for the correct process. Thank you! ~Holland