G Lee

Does USSA do home improvement loan? for how long a term? and what is the interest rate and closing costs?


@G Lee, thanks for your post. I'm engaging a subject matter expert to help with your inquiry. -Paula

@G Lee, thank you for your interest in our home loans. At the present time USAA does not offer a home improvement loan through our mortgage services; however, USAA does offer a personal loan which can be utilized towards this request. To discuss further details on this type of account, we ask for you to speak with one of our loan specialists at 210-531-USAA (8722). - Robert

I have a credit card and life ins. with you.  I have credit card balances that i would like to simplify.  I am a carpenter that cant even afford to work on my own house and I own my own buisness. I dont want to refinance my mortgage since i got screwed last time I did that. The property value of my home will increase more than a bit if I do the improvements as well as improve the quality of life for a man living in a house with 3 girls,one bathroom, 2 bedrooms.  Great yard . Fairfield county Ct.  I just need an option.....

Thanks for reaching out, @studs, I'm happy to provide any info I can to help. While we don't currently offer home improvement loans, you can apply for a personal loan that would allow you to complete the improvements you want. You can apply online, at your convenience. Simply go to Products and select Personal Loans. Then, enter the requested information and follow the prompts. If your online application is submitted during normal business hours of Monday-Friday 6:30am - 10:00pm, a decision will be provided within minutes. If your application is submitted after hours, on a weekend or holiday, a decision will be provided within 12 hours. - Cathleen