On the 6th I opened an account with you. I was informed that you documents that you had to review in order to open it. I sent in a copy of my drivers lincence and dd214, as requested. the next day I check to confirm that you recieved it and you had. I was then told it would take 2 dats to review that paperwork. 2 days later I told 4. I called then and check and I was told it could take a week. then I was  told it could take 10 days. can anyone tell what is going on with the paperwork that I turned in and how long its going to take for it to get reveiwed? thanks Mark C.



Tony0813 - I regret hearing about your situation. Please call us at 800-531-8722 to discuss the status or you initiate a chat by selecting HELP at the top of or the “Ask a Representative” from the account summary page I hope that helps. - Jason