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I logged onto my accounts this morning and see that there are fraudulant checks written from my checking account. Is there anybody I can talk to immediately about this? Surely there has to be weekend hours for the fraud department


This is something that I have a very positive thing to say about usaa. The same happened to my account early this year and they did a fantastic job clearing it up and returning my money to me. Call the usual support number and they will take good care of you. It was timely too, if that makes you feel any better.

Hi Dresius,


You can reach the fraud department at 800-945-6759, day or night.


Here is some additional information:


USAA Credit Cards

  • Report a lost or stolen credit card on or your USAA Mobile App.1
  • A replacement credit card can be shipped to you the next day. (Charges may apply.)
  • Report unrecognized credit card transactions on From your account activity page, select "Dispute Transaction."
  • To speak with a representative, call 800-945-6759, day or night.
  • After you make your report, USAA will immediately provide information on how the investigation and the compromised funds are being handled.

Thank you

Thanks for the replies. When I orginally called the CSR told me the Fraud dept isn't open on the weekend! Fortunately someone from the Fraud dept called me later that afternoon and let me know about the fraudulent checks.