I do not believe any service members have been paid today.
No pay here either
Navy got paid

 This coastie didnt get paid either.... :(



I find it pretty distrubing that USAA  was well aware of the possibility of Congress freezing our pay this pay period due to the budget to the point they send out an email to us all at the beginning of the month "offfering" free interst free pay day loans to cover our paycheck and promise to send us all an update if there was indeed going to be an issue with us recieving our pay. YET they NEVER sent that follow up email and here we all are wondering where our money is?


   YET all we get is CANNED garbage of HOW they are looking into it.....     Why don't you instead make the calls to your Point of Contact(s) at the FED and get the money moving?   Or do you make too much money in FEES when all the auto- payments checks start to bounce?   WAKE UP USAA ... we your loyal military customer make you good and rich already!!   Plenty of other banks begging for our business.

I don't recall any emails about Congress freezing our pay. I guess we'll all find out tomorrow. Crossing fingers this all gets sorted out in the morning.

 Here's   a  copy of the one I recieved   from the "CEO"
December 2, 2015
We continually monitor issues that could impact members to ensure USAA provides products and services that help meet your needs. As you may know, although federal leaders recently reached a budget deal, they have not reached agreement to provide continued government funding after December 11. While we are hopeful that an agreement will be reached before then, USAA stands ready to help if a government shutdown delays military pay.
Should a government shutdown delay military pay, USAA Bank is prepared to offer a no-interest, 0% APR payroll advance loan. That loan would provide you with a payment that is approximately equal to your expected pay, or half that amount if you are paid monthly.
If a government shutdown seems likely, we will send an e-mail providing details about the loan offer.
Again, we are hopeful policymakers reach an agreement. But if not, be assured USAA has the financial strength to help support you. Thank you for your service and for relying on USAA.
Stuart Parker
President and CEO

Thank you. I'll be saving a copy of this just in case...


I know they reached an agreement to fund the government to at least the 16th. We should still get our 15th paycheck. Maybe it's late due to the late decision?

I really don't think it's to do with governemnt.  I am not a government employee and also haven't received my pay.  I think it's just USAA, who if course is "taking a look" at my account.

I actually signed up just to say that if you're depending so hard on getting your paycheck early (pay day is the 15) then you should ask your command for some financial counseling or get help. USAA didn't do anything wrong and I'm pretty sure USAA isn't to blame because you don't have a savings account......