So I know that pay day is not till tomorrow. But everywhere on usaa says we get paid today. It's noon now and still hasn't been deposited. Is anyone else having this issue?

Same here.  My DD should have posted this morning and still nothing... 

Why am I not seeing my military pay check? It's the business day before actual pay day and I normally get paid. I had to take emergency leave because I couldn't pay for my daughters child care this morning because of your screw up. I expect some kind of compensation. I'm switching my direct deposit to some other bank.
What non military job are you speaking of?

I'm employed by a private company and I usually get my DD a day ahead of time. It is one of the things that I love about using USAA. Not sure what happned this time and if it is at all related to the other issues. 

I talked to customer service and was told that the federal reserve is having problems. They did not have any details or a possible time when the problem would be fixed.
None of the branches have been paid, this has nothing to do with USAA. Whatever department of congress releases pay has not done so.

I work for a private company, non government and my paycheck has also not been deposited today.  It has always deposited the business day before payday, so I'm surprised.  Anyway, I don't think it has anything to do with the government considering that I am also affected by this delay.

The deposits are on the same server as the deleted Clinton e-mails they will be found!


Just wondering if anyone esle hasnt received pay today? Usually always get paid the day before.