Talked to Customer Service, They said they are done doing any DFAS deposits for the day. If it is deposited we won't see anything until tomorrow morning. I depend on that early pay day. Pretty dissapointing. Keeping my fingers crossed we at least get paid tomorrow!

Why isn't my deposit not showing up in my account today? 12-14-2015
We always have the funds available the day before the payday.
I have spoken to 2 representatives and they both have me different explanation.

I have never had this happen and have bills going out. Pay roll shows it was deposited to bank
Dec 14th hasn't posted yet and usually it's done by now. It's 7:15am in CA. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Hi RN2!


I am following up with our bank team now on this. Thank you.

I haven't gotten my pay yet either, It is normally in my account by 7:30am EST. It is 1056am EST and no direct deposit has been posted.

Just got off the phone with Customers Service, the guy i spoke with said they have no explanation, other than the money has not been released yet. He did say (wither its the truth or not) if a deposit is sent, it will be posted and available same day. 


Just have to wait and see... very, very sad in this modern day we cant get this right.....

Has anyone gotten an update as to why the direct deposits haven't shown. I just spoke to an agent that said she has no clue what I'm talking about.



Thank you all for your comment in Community. 


Our bank is currently aware of this issue and is looking into this. Thank you all.

Why am I not seeing my military pay check? It's the business day before actual pay day and I normally get paid. I had to take emergency leave because I couldn't pay for my daughters child care this morning because of your screw up. I expect some kind of compensation. I'm switching my direct deposit to some other bank.

I'm also in the same boat. I read in one forum that the funds had not been released by the Coast Guard, but this is from a non-military job. Terrible timing with the holidays. Hopefully it will hit by tomorrow morning.