Since USAA already has access to my Experian Credit Report and FICO 8 score, do you still need to do a hard inquiry to approve a new credit card?


Hi @kgibbs! Thank you for your question. As credit reports fluctuate often, a new inquiry will be required any time a credit card application is submitted. I hope this helps! ~Holland

Because USAA provides me with my Experian credit report and fico score on a daily basis, they have the ability to review an up to date report anytime they want.  So your response really doesn't answer my question.

@kgibbs, I understand. All credit monitoring and Identity Protection products are provided from Experian directly to our members. Any application for credit does still require a hard pull to ensure we're able to review a full report and profile. As we're not licensed credit advisers, we're unable to provide additional information. Thank you. ~Holland