I have 2 USAA credit cards: Eagle Rewards and Preffered Cards Rewards. I would like to close ONE account. Which card has the better benefits ? 


@jkoe, That is a great question and one you will need to talk to a rep about to compare them with you. You can call 800-531-8722 and we will take good care of you!  ~Tom

I recommend that you close the Eagle Rewards card. I have had it for 29 years and watched how it has declined in value to the point that all of USAA’s no fee cards offer a better value than the Eagle Rewards Card which charges $49 a year. Disappointing. I will close it upon my renewal date.

@Paladin-6 We very much appreciate your input in the Member Community. I wanted to say that if your certain that you wish to close that card as you have reviewed the benefits and it no longer meets your needs, I wanted to say that if you wait till the renewal date, the annual fee may be charged and this would not be refunded. I would contact us to discuss in greater detail. We want you to be happy and if you wait too long, the fee will post. ~Suzy