card dispute, that has gone no where....since October 2018


i have been waiting on a dispute since october, was told "it is pending" then to find out it was not even open. finally after many many phone calls, a rep "resubmited it". to get denied because of being "too old", yet it was in the system for months, called back next rep, resubmitted it, and it was restarted again, and for a month now, nothing...getting really annoyed, and would be pretty sad if i completely drop USAA after 10 years because of basically $100, although it is more the point now, then the money. oh and multiple "we will have someone call you within 48 hours" that resulted in nothing, no call, no voice mail, no email, nothing


now i just sit here, sick of calling to be told "wait and see what happens", no to mention multiple calls with multiple "answers" to why i have not heard anything.

then to even add to this, my fiancee`s house and car insurance is now completly screwed becuase of usaa not contacting the bank with my escrow to pay for the house insurance. USAA about to lose 2 combat vets


I appreciate you reaching out to us today @Crossfire42ndID, although regret to hear of the circumstances with this dispute. I was able to locate your profile and will engage a subject matter expert for further review. Once reviewed they will contact you. We do appreciate your patience in advance. 

So that we can review the details of the policies and send the required information, please have your fiancé begin a new chat with us, when logged into their account. To begin a new chat, select the Contact Us option on the Policy Summary page. Together, we can make sure the billing details are updated correctly and make sure that the necessary documents are sent immediately. -Emily

Exactly the same stuff these guys do with me.. they help me with the dispute and then take back the credit when they feel there wasn't enough evidence.