How can I cancel a credit card charge dispute I started.

I just noticed it was a charge that I made.

Please assist with instructuions to reverse the dispute.




@cvelezconty, in order to assist you further can you please send a private message with more details of the disputed charge. So that we may assist you further, please turn on the private messaging feature. To do this, please click on your user ID in member community. Click on my settings > private messenger > click on the box that says "turn on private messages." This will allow us to communicate and keep your information private. Then if you can you please send me a private message. To send this please go to the top right corner and under the drop down menu, select the envelope. On the next page you will see "Send New Message" thanks. -Colleen

I need to cancel my dispute of 2 charges from "3-Monumental Markets TROY MI".
Your directions on this page do not match what I see in the USAA website.  Is there another way to fix this?

Hi @Human5991, I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties with the dispute process. I would like to provide further assistance with your cancellation request. I will send you a private message with further information. To retrieve this message, please click your user name at the top right corner of the member community page and select the envelope icon. ~ Samantha