When will the budget tools be brought back online?  Also why would you turn the old ones off while working on updating the tools.  In most IT departments, you leave the old application up and running, then during the upgrade you swap them out so they are only down for a little bit of time.




A responce would be nice!

@baseball2020, Thank you for reaching out! We do have Track Money, Budget, Goals, Savings Booster and Financial Readiness Score under My Tools (at the top of the website) and Budgeting & Goals (fourth column) that should be working for you. If there seems to be an issue please call website customer support at 877-632-3002. Thanks again and have a great week  ~Tom

The budget tools have been removed from your site.  You get a message saying update to the budgeting tools are coming later.   When is later?  These should not of been turned off until the new updates are ready.

@baseball2020, I understand your concern. I will have this feedback submitted on your behalf. ~ Sam