We have been members of USAA for a while and never gave them any problems. Unfortunately, due to health issues my husband had to medically retire from the Army and I later lost my job due health problems as well. We ended up declaring bankruptcy. Guess how USAA treated us? They our online privileges away for 7-10 years. We don't get discounts or offers. We are a pariah. They sold our mortgage and auto to someone else. We pay our bills on time. All we did was include one of their credit cards in the bankruptcy, because the insurance we paid on it was worthless. Sorry for ranting, but I am so disappointed with a company I looked up to.



I am very sorry to hear about you and your husband's health issues. We would like to see if anything can be done to help your situation. If you could please send us a message using this form, we can look into your account.  Thank you.

I am considering filing bankruptsy and am now scared that I will get treated the same way. I hope not!!! I love USAA.





You should consider switching banks prior to filing for Bankruptcy. We have had the exact same experience as the original poster. The only difference, we did not have any USAA debt discharged in the bankruptcy. Because we had a secured credit card with USAA, they received our bankruptcy notice. The money that secured our card was taken to pay off the balance and the rest is supposed to be refunded to us but we have yet to see that!  Plus, the credit card was then posted to our credit report as being derogatory. WE HAD NEVER BEEN LATE AND THE CARD WAS PAID IN FULL!!!


But back to checking...because the bankruptcy notice was sent to USAA, it was enough to lose access to most account features. For example, we cannot deposit checks via mobile anymore. The closest USAA is well over 150 miles away! We no longer have access to the full site, only the mobile, which takes away the ability to communicate with USAA via email. When we contacted USAA, we were told the same. Once the Bankruptcy is removed from our credit in 7-10 years, we will have our access back! 


We are in the process of closing our USAA account and changing to Navy Federal. This is a sad day for us because we have been USAA customers for such a long time and have NEVER had issues with them. We don't go into the negative, our bills are paid on time, we deposit over $100 grand a year in our account, but because our child was born 4 months early and we couldn't pay a $5 million hospital bill, we are punished by our bank!  USAA is great on everything else but their policy surrounding bankruptcy is very neanderhalic so please, beware!




I am in a similar situation.  I am approaching my 9th year since i declared bankruptcy.  My score isa 756 and im still treated like an outsider.  Its kind of insane thinking that the economy tanked - and hit those of us in some industries harder than others (I was a residential construction manager).  I didnt do anything wrong, I didnt buy 22" rims for my car... I got laid off 3 times in a row.  The insult to that injury was USAA for years (even still) denying me any services.

What the heck?  I think its time we start blasting this on social media. 


If you're wanting to help, id like an email address Or contact me: member number is 17142264 

SinePari, thank you for contacting us regarding your relationship with us. I understand you filed bankruptcy which has impacted your status with us. I will be happy to have this matter reviewed. Please allow up to 7 business days for completion. You may follow up with us at 1-800-531-8722 after this time frame. We appreciate hearing from you. - Rhonda

Crazy mom, I think those accusations are very...ignorant is probably the best word. We filed bankruptcy (not because of consumer debt, more of debt left by ex spouse and a house that wouldn't sale) and USAA has been a extremely loyal and helpful. My husband and I are dual military and through deployments still offered all the same benefits. The ability to deposit checks, log into desktop site etc, are not vengeful actions against USSA, but ways to protect themselves as they don't know what your financial motives are. If any money was garnished from a checking account, it's because you had bad checks out. Credit line is very different from the banking side. We called and talked to many USAA financial people and we haven't had anything happen to us that wasn't told to us. She should have done her research.
Jellybehn... We are in a situation that looks impossible to avoid BR. We don't want to leave USSA... We have a credit card and loan with them... and kidsaccounts as well as multiple lines of insurance policies. Will there be trouble? What can we expect? I haven't be successful in getting help from them. I am afraid we will have more grief after BR... I see your positive response, have they changed how they handle things?
We haven't been fired in any way. We still have all our accounts, insurance, our rates have not increased.
I am in the same boat. Six years post bankruptcy and I can't deposit at home. I get it if they don't want to give me a loan or a credit card, but denying deposit at home is ridiculous. They can deny depositing funds until the check clears if that makes them more comfortable.