I called customer service this morning to request a "clear" copy of the endorsement on the back of my check.  Was told that's the way you received it.  I asked why you would process a check when you could not verify the endorsement and was told "that's the way we received it", which didn't answer my question.  Then the CSR said he would send me a copy of how you received it, which he did, but then I saw an immediate photocopy service charge of $10.00.  I was not informed before hand there was a charge.  The fact the check's endorsement was not clear was something USAA should have verified.  I am requesting a refund of the $10.00 back to my checking account.


I would like to find out from someone at USAA how you process a check with no clear endorsement.  


@Jeri6, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will be forwarding your post for review. Once review is completed if contact is needed, they will reach out using the contact information listed in your USAA profile. ~ Suzy