adding running balance to credit card transactions


I understand that adding a running balance feature to our online credit card transactions has been suggested for several years, and apparently was even promised at one point.

The only reason given that I have seen is that there are too many suggestions for USAA to handle.

What I would like to know is there some reason why USAA (and other cards as well) does not want to add this feature-- not because it can't, but because it would rather not.

My credit union card has always shown the balance, which is so helpful for me to see, especially when I think I've paid off the balance and it goes mightily down to $0! 

I also have tremendous respect for the integrity of USAA, and that is why I would expect a clear answer that actually explains the no balance feature.


Hello  pbean, I do not show that you have any credit card accounts with USAA. However, with a credit card, transactions that are initiated do not always post to update the balance immediately. The reason for this, is due to the processing time of the merchant. Some online merchants for an example, do not process transactions until an item is shipped.  Another example is hotel, restaurants, gas stations, car rentals. Many of these types of merchants run your card as a "pre-authorization" up to a certain dollar amount to insure your card is active and the amount won't decline. After the total can be determined (amount of gas pumped, amount of tip added to restaurant check, amount of days, room service for hotel, etc.) the amount/balance will be processed and posted as the balance to the credit card. I hope this helps explain and addresses your question. ~ Lori

I don't see why the distinction between pending transactions and captured (or whatever the terminology is) transactions should make a difference. Once the balance is captured, why not add it to a running balance at that point? USAA ought ot have the means to do this, since it already orders my transaction history in a linear, time-based fashion. It must know what transactions went into a statement, because it knows what they total, and it knows what the balance was at the start of the statement period, because it knows to add that to the sum of the balances of the transactions included in the statement. It knows the order in which the transactions were processed. Surely these are all the necessary ingredients of a running balance?

@oulipien, Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. I understand this is important to you and I will have these d