How do I open accounts for 16 year old Grandchildren?


Hello @ Cherryx, Thank you for your interest in our Youth Banking. 

The first step would be to ensure your grandchild is listed as a family member. To do this, select Add Family Member from your Profile & Preferences options, or give us a call at 210-531-8722 (child's date of birth and SSN as well as all contact info will be needed if they are not already a member)


To open an account, select Youth Checking or Savings from the Banking options located on our website from the Products tab.  Products > Banking> Youth Checking/Savings. 


For any additional questions or assistance, you may initiate a secure online Chat from our Contact Us options or give a Deposit Specialist a call at 210-531-8722. Thank you for sharing USAA with your grandchild. Have a great week! ~ Lori C