Centex Customer

What a pain in the butt this new Zelle thing is. Not a fan at all. It sucks.


Centex Customer - We regret hearing this but appreciate the feedback. We rely on member feedback to provide the best products and services. - Jason

Yes. The Zelle app sucks. I tried to register but it was oververbose and not user friendly all the while trying to be user friendly. I struggled through the registration process until it sent me a confirmation code to enter. Guess what? There was so much blah blah that I couldn't see the code when the Text Message alert popped up. It was down below the visible area! So, no worries, I thought, I will just jump between screens on my iphone and read the text message in the Messages app. This immediately logged me off, and erased everything I had entered into Zelle. Then I had to start over again. But same thing kept happening. So then I thought, well, I'll just open up my laptop, register with Zelle and when the confirmation code gets sent, I will be able to see it on my phone. Except you cannot register for the Zelle Mobile app on the USAA web site.

Thank you very much . . . . . . NOT

@MoneySlob, that is not a good experience at all. We can try troubleshooting the issue if you would like to give us a call or chat. Chat is available 24/7 and they can get some additional details from you to get this worked out. To initiate a Chat, start at the help link and navigate thru he bank choices till you see the option to chat appear. Thank you. ~ Suzy