Zelle will not send me my code to my number.


I was fine with the switch to Zelle at first, I sent money to someone and it went through on my end but on her end she never was notified of the transfer. Now someone is sending me money and used my phone number instead of my email to send the money. I try to register my phone and I have literally been waiting for the code to come to my mobile device. And yes I have tried multiple times and I have never received the message. So now the money is taken out the persons account and still not in mine, they can't even cancel the transfer and try again. 


Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns with the Zelle service. In regards to you sending money a notification is sent to the recipient. If they are not enrolled, the notice includes instructions on how to enroll. We recommend that you confirm with recipient prior to sending if they used their mobile number or email address to register and the information you're using to send the money to them is correct. In regards to the money being sent to you, if they used your phone number and you're registered with your email the transfer will not work. They will need to cancel the transfer on their end and send it again use your email if that is how your recipient account is registered on Zelle. You can confirm how your accounts are registered by going to> USAA Mobile App> select “Receive Money Settings” from the contextual menu on either the Zelle hub page or the Zelle Activity page to see the mobile numbers and email addresses enrolled and linked to USAA accounts. Thank you and I hope this information helps! - Darrell

Zelle is not sending verifcation code and my money is just sitting there.... How can I add a phone number and link to account without it?

Pr3ttyMun3ca - You may need to contact your phone provider and have them enable short code messaging. If you still have trouble, please call our technical team at 877-632-3002 and say "technical support" at the prompt. Thanks, Jason

Seems like a poor app if it's never stated that you have to tell everyone that wants to do a transaction "hey I registered with this info." or "oh sorry mate, ya you have my phone number but you really needed my email to send me money. Ya it doesn't work like USAA used to." Or the best one yet: "oh ya I totally sent you that money it should show up in an hour minimum, 3 days if you haven't registers, or 7-10 if you messed up, but I have to leave now so good luck with that bud."

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the Zelle service. We are certainly aware of the pain points with this service and know that there are some difficulties with the transition to this service. If you are experiencing a specific concern I can assist you with please let me know. Thank you! - Darrell

I am having the exact same issue.. I cannot enroll with zelle as i am NOT getting a verfication code.


It is very aggervating and very annoning. Rent money has already been taking out of the senders account, but it is not in my account.


They cant cancel it, and resend it.

TAKES 15 DAYS to send back into the senders account. (mind you this is rent money, I have no problem at alll waiting half a month to pay rent) its totally cool.


and the worst part is USAA and ZELLE keeps transfering me to one another, as "this is an issue Usaa has to fix because I am trying to enroll through the usaa app" then im told "this is an issue Zelle has to fix, please call them"


at this point i am OUT OF LUCK and im recieving no help.



MIMILYNN - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information. I will review the situation and contact you. I appreciate you reaching out to us today. - Jason

MIMILYNN - I attempted to reach you by phone but was unsuccessful and not able to leave a voice message. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. - Jason



I have not recieved any missed calls? is there a way I can contact you?