Patty Kake
I saw the new feature on my account for ZELLE, I was expecting a transfer which the individual did send but before I can get the money I have to activate this new feature which requires me to load all my accounts! I've been trying to "load accounts" for about a week now and still have not been able to complete this task! I called USAA and after being transferred several times and having to explain myself over and over why I called, I was instructed to call ZELLE. Now as a banking customer, why would I want to call a third party company to inquire about my pending transfer? That doesn't make sense to me! Are they trying to tell us that this third party company has access to our banking information? The sad part about it is, there's no other way to do a transfer on the USAA app until you have this feature loaded! Do better for the sake of your customers USAA!


Patty, we are sadden to hear of your experience. You may want to  uninstall the USAA app and reinstall it to refresh the Zelle feature.  We still have the funds transfer feature available to members. You may send funds to anyone you have listed on your transfer list or add a new account as well.  If you still have issues with this feature after the re-install, please contact our web support at 1-877-632-3002 and when prompted ask for "tech support. "  ~Jen

Still doesn't work for me either. Just says loading accounts and nothing . I try every day. Uninstalled and reinstalled app numerous times.

Hi KCamp1, if you are still experiencing issues, please contact website support at 1-877-632-3002. Thank you! -Marisa

I have daily they are unable to

KCamp1, please attempt to contact Technical Support to report this issue you are experiencing as their team would be the area that would provide assistance. Thank you. - Rhonda

Thanks for providing this additional info, Jay. I've escalated this to our team for research, as it shouldn't be freezing or clocking like that. As soon as I get more info, I'll forward any instructions I receive. I appreciate your patience with this. - Cathleen

this is not convenient especially if we need money rightaway. if something is not broken dont fix it.

my account is not loading as well. I have read this post and uninstalled/installed the app numerous times. I have given up. I do not trust zelle anymore as they are now unreliable to me. I have been with usaa several years and with this new update im not sure if i will continue to bank with usaa.