Zelle button - "Unable to initiate a send money transaction"


Each time I click on the send money with Zelle' button I receive the error message, "Unable to initiate a send money transaction."

I have called your 800 number, your tech department and Zelle's customer service. I have deleted app, re-booted and re-installed it and nothing is helpful. I'm not able to receive money sent to me, when it did work in the past.


Thank you for your post Cushite. I'm sorry to hear you hare having difficulty with the Zelle feature, At this point our best recommendation would be to contact our Website customer support team at 1-877-632-3002 and when prompted say "technical support". They will be able to help trouble shoot the issue to see what can be done to get you back up and running with this feature. Thank you ~Michelle

Go to the Mobile App.
Click your name to enter the “Profile” page.
Scroll down and click “Settings and Profile.”
Scroll down and click “Receive Money Settings,” under the “Payment Preferences” heading.
It will ask you questions to answer.
Your problem should be resolved.
Ive set up zelle in the profile and uninstalled and reinstalled. Rebooted n etc etc ...still the same thing over and over...customer service is useless .. I do not have this problem when I use my bank of America app and zelle.. maybe its time to just ditch usaa

Oh no @Rezin, that is not the experience we want our members to have. I will send you a PM shortly with more details, I appreciate your patience. -Emily

The USAA reps tell me the settings under the "receive money settings" have nothing to do with being able to send money.