As an almost ten year member of USAA, I have had nothing but good experiences with my banking accounts, loans, and auto and life insurance, up until this last week. I recently used Zelle (a money transfer service) through the USAA app to make what I believed to be an honest purchase from a merchant on eBay. Come to find out once I transferred my funds the listing and merchant vanished from eBay. I attempted to resolve the issue through eBay and was informed there are no steps they can make since the purchase wasn't made through Paypal/eBay checkout. I then submitted a request through USAA hoping that there would be steps in place to protect me as a customer. Come to find out there is nothing anyone can do and I am now out several thousand dollars. How can USAA support a product that doesn't protect its customers? Don't use Zelle unless it's to someone you know and make sure the email/phone number is listed correctly otherwise your at the will of whoever received your money on the other side.   


@Servicemember2012, I'm sorry to hear of this experience. I will have your situation forwarded to a subject matter expert for review. Once the review is complete, we will reach out to you. ~ Samantha

@Servicemember2012, I have sent you a private message in regards to this. Thanks- Colleen

Any update on whether or not USAA helped you?  I just, two days ago, had a similar experience.  My experience went beyond zelle and when I called USAA to ask for help they were useless.  The other bank actually helped me out more than my own bank (USAA).  After reading several other complaints about USAA and their non-existent Fraud investigation  department I figured they would continue to do nothing and I'd just figure I lost $1150 through zelle.  But then I read this and some of the replies made me hopeful that they might have helped.  If not, I'm sorry I wrote this and will just contemplate, after being a member for 30-some years, changing banks to one who cares just a little bit more about modern day fraud issues and technology.

Thank you for reaching out to us today @K2D2. I would like to learn more to see what is going on, can you share more details via PM? -Emily

Hello @K2D2, I wanted to follow up to see if you were still needing assistance. Please let us know, thank you. -Emily