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Follow these instructions to easyly enroll/register for sending money with Zelle:


1. Click GO on the bottom of the page.

2. Log on to USAA

3. Click on GET STARTED

4. Click on OK, let´s get started.

5. Follow screen instructions.


Remember,  it takes 1 to 3 business days for your first money transfer to clear/post after you enroll.





Thank you for sharing Cachitoman!

The correct URL is below. 


How are we supposed to enrolle in Zelle if we are overseas and cannot receive a text message? redirects us to the USAA app to register.

USAA app requires a U.S. number in our profile to do secondary validation/ doesn't give an option for email. 

If members are deployed, as thousands of your customers are, they cannot do verification/validation with a U.S. number.


Does anyone at USAA web services actually troubleshoot your apps and website with only data or wifi?  You would know this was an issue if you had tried to register with Zelle using a data connection or wifi which is what we are using overseas.  Think it would be good for some of your administrators to remember who your customers are when you are doing troubleshooting prior to launching changes to your app.

What if your still just on loading accounts. I have reinstalled the app several times and updated. I am using the 7.33.6 version of the app. I also used my desktop and still stuck on loading accounts. Help!

Jayrayjerrie, we are sorry to hear about the difficulty you are having. Please call us at 877-632-3002 and when prompted ask for "tech support." Thank you, Jen

I don't get the tab "Send Money with Zelle" but instead get "Send Money" - when I try to enter the receiptant, I get not a USAA Member.  Of course, they aren't a USAA Member - it should be a Zelle Member (and through their bank). 


I get the run around from USAA support - even transferring me to Zelle instead of fixing the problem.  Finally after the third call to USAA, I had USAA, Zelle, and myself on a three-way call - USAA finally acknowledged the error is on their end and not Zelle.  At least at this point, customer service isn't sending me back to Zelle. 


Overall, you have a few customer service reps who flat out suck - especially Sherry!  Your tech support is passing the buck instead of fixing the problem.  Lastly, I can't even begin to get the time back I lost trying to fix this issue. 


Note: when I first downloaded the app - i had the "Send Money with Zelle" option. 



HooverNFO, I'm sorry you have had trouble with setting up Zelle. If we have not been able to help get you enrolled please respond and let me know. I want to help troubleshoot. - Janay

The link on this main post is broken.


But I am having the same issue as the other guys. I called USAA Help and they weren't able to help and the call got disconnected. I gave them my mobil # before the disconnect "in case we get disocnnected" and USAA help never called me back. I went through all of these steps with them and even shared my screen ith the rep. Then they put me on hold and my call dropped. :/


I am trying to receive money. I don't know where my funds are and I don't know if I am even registered.


I went from the Zelle app to register and it sends me to the USAA app. There is no confirmation saying I was registered when I login to the USAA app. So, I select "Send money through Zelle" because that is the only option on my USAA app it says, "unable to initiate a Send Money transaction". 


Then I start on the USAA app and select the help tool. I search "Zelle" it responds with, "Which send money with Zelle option may I help you with?" 


I select, "Enrolling and using Zelle" it responds with an enroll now button. I select it and it gives me this error, "unable to initiate a Send Money transaction". 


So I try selecting, "Sending and receiving funds", I select "I'm receiving funds" I select through, "USAA checking account" and it responds with, "once enrolled, your first transfer can take up to 3 business days" and gives me the enroll now button. I select "enroll now" and it gives me this error, "unable to initiate a Send Money transaction". 


So I go back to help and select "Cancelling a transfer" it asks if I've already sent funds and I said No because I am receiving funds. Then it gives me this, "Because your recipient isn't enrolled in Zelle, the payment is still pending. You may canel pending transfers from the send money page by doing the following:

- Tap the Activity button at the bottom of the Send Money transaction screen

- Choose the transfer transaction to cancel from the Pending section

- Select Cancel the Payment

- Then Yes, Cancel"

I tried this even though I am receiving money and no there are no pending transfers or deposits on my account.


So I go back to help and select "Problem with Zelle" and the USAA app responds with "What send money with Zelle issue can I help you with: registering my email address or mobile number, receving my verification code, finding my funds, and other."


Here are the responses to each:


Registering my email address or mobile number: "Your email address or mobile number may already be linked w/ another Zelle profile through another bank. Each mobil number or email address can only be linked to one financial institution." - Ok, so I've never used Zelle but I will check my Bank of America and Navy Federal account. I have no pending deposits so that didn't work.


Receiving my verification code: "If you aren't receiving your verification codfe, try the following: contact your phone carreir to request short code messaging be enabled- amke sure text message delivery preferences in the USAA mobile app are enabled" - Did this through the USAA app and yes everything is enabled. Didn't need to check with ATT on the text message thing because I get text messages from USAA and every other app. 


Finding my Funds: "Funds will be sent to the bank account assocaited to the email address or mobile number used for the send money transaction. Your first transfer can take up to three business days to arrive. After that, most transfers will be completed within minutes."


Other:"You may contact us about any other issues with Zelle by phone or chat." Did that and still couldn't figure out the problem. 


So I go back to help and I search Zelle and select "Other Money Transfer Options" and I get this response: "Here are other ways to send money without using Send Money with Zelle" and it goes to transfer funds though the usaa app. 

Mary1414, we have a solution that may correct this issue. To continue to receive money without interruption, we recommend that you deactivate your clearXchange profile and then go to to activate your Zelle profile. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to and you will be prompted to deactivate your clearXchange profile.

  2. After deactivating, go to “Send money with Zelle” through USAA’s mobile app and link your mobile number or email address to your bank account. This will activate your Zelle profile. Please make sure you have the latest version of the USAA mobile app.

This should correct any issues that is preventing you from sending money.   Hopefully this helps :)  ~JM