Set up Zelle and it doesn't work.  I've followed the instructions to get my phone and account verified, but now when I log in to the USAA app, it says "It is unable to initiate a Send Money transaction" via Zelle in USAA.


In terms of app roll-out, why weren't members notified of this change on the app?

Why aren't members being notified or being kept abreast of changes or updates to getting this feature on the USAA Mobile app corrected?

Will this ever work and has USAA provided another alternative to send funds?


This has been a frustrating and disappointing experience.  Members should simply post: ZELLE DOESN'T WORK, SEND A CHECK OR PAY BY PAYPAL.  Members shouldn't have to be searching so hard for answers or work arounds.


No, it does NOT work. I sent money to someone who also had a USAA account early this month. She couldn't claim it because it kept giving her the exact same error message that prevent her from enrolling in Zelle. As of today, she still can't enroll to claim the money I sent. I tried to open the Zelle today and got the same error message. Please fix or get rid of Zelle!

DeathEaterX and Chi.K, we are sorry to hear of the difficulty with using the Zelle feature.  We do have some steps to take that may correct the issue. If you previously used the "Send Money" feature, you would need to deactivate that profile and then re-enroll with Zelle. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log in to and you will be prompted to deactivate your clearXchange profile.

  2. After deactivating, go to “Send money with Zelle” through USAA’s mobile app and link your mobile number or email address to your bank account. This will activate your Zelle profile. Please make sure you have the latest version of the USAA mobile app.

If you have questions about how to deactivate your clearXchange profile, please contact clearXchange customer service at 1-866-839-3488, Monday-Friday 8am – 12am EST.   Hopefully this rectifies your issue ~Jen


This does nothing.  I have never used Zelle or whatever clearxchange is, and still get the unable to intitate error.  Zelle is completely broken.  Useless

AFMRacing, I'm sorry to hear the problems you're experiencing with the Zelle app. To further assist you with this matter, please contact our Tech Support at 877-632-3002. Thank you. - Ben

Zelle is horrible! Bring back send money option in USAA app between members!
As of October 2018 I had this same problem initially. Here’s how I fixed it:
- USAA App
- Login
-Main Screen
-Click on profile image at top of screen (above your name)
-Scroll down to Receice Money Settings, Click and follow instructions
**you must already have a cell phone number or email address loaded into your USAA profile for this to work.

Jake83 - Thanks for sharing your experience. Keep in mind, if you ever have any technical issue, our support team is available to help 24/7 at 877-632-3002. - Jason

USAA: The issue still exists as of December 2018. I contacted USAA Tech Support and they said it was an issue with Zelle. I contacted Zelle and they were unable to fix the issue. As a USAA member I ask that USAA revaluate it's partnership with Zelle. It used to be so easy to call USAA, and send the money. Now i've invested hours into trying to get Zelle to work. After giving up on Zelle, I was able to set up Venmo and send the money within 5 minutes. USAA please look at other apps that are easy to use, and has a technical support / customer service that is actually able to help its users. Zelle = horrible!

Yes, doesn't work for me either (Tried two times in Dec. 2018). Payments have been stuck in limbo for way more than 3 days.  Confirmed registration with Zelle multiple times.


I'm having the people who were paying me to cancel their payments and use PayPal instead. I don't think USAA should offer this service until they work out all the issues. People could be waiting for the money and they will not get it.