To use the cybercode token option for accounts, you have to use a cell phone. I mainly use a home computer and would like more security.


I use Yubikey for severasl other online apps on my computer. This is a usb dongle you plug in to the computer


Is USAA planning on allowing this type of device in future to be used instead of the cybercode?




I use a CyberCode Token keychain. It is free to order and you don't need a phone app. To order one call website customer support or send an email to USAA in Alerts & Actions. Include your mailing address BTW..

I wish that I could use my yubikey as well, but from what I'm seeing USAA is not going to make this integration happen.  Rather frustrating.

MathFirm and MLOTU,

Thank you both for your feedback. We constantly look for opportunities to improve and serve you better. I will be sure to share your feedback with our Member Feedback Teams for review.

Just for the record, I would love it if USAA supported Yubikey as well.


Thank you for your input on Yubikey. I will forward your feedback to our Member Feedback Team for review.

Cynthia, many of us are still waiting on that Yubikey integration. Really, SMS is a risky form of 2FA as it could be intercepted. You would think it wouldn't be a big deal, but if a customer is a target of a state sponsored survaliance or a hacker has it out for them, you can bet sms will be easily broken.

Symantec VIP is good... however when you loose your phone, it gets wiped, or deleted, it will no longer work for loggin in. Having a hardware type device would be super beneficial for those of us that use these on a regular basis and protect those devices with our life. 

Sec2exploit, thank you for the additional feedback. I understand your concerns and have sent the suggestions as well as this additional information for our web and security development teams to review. Please note, due to the volume of feedback received from members we are unable to notify each member individually if an idea or comment results in a direct change; however your concerns and feedback have been shared with the development teams for consideration in future updates. ~Michelle

Please add support for YubiKey / YubiKey NEO!

I would also love to see Yubikey integration for USAA, I use it for so many other things already.