I have set up a youth spending account for my daughter.  I recieved a message 2 days after establishing an account to upload a photo ID, however my daughter does not have an issued photo ID.  What should I do?


Hello @GiDaddy, Hi there.  We do require that one form of the identification carry a photo. You may submit a copy of her social security card and one of the following: Unexpired Driver’s License issued by a state or U.S. territory provided it contains a photograph, Unexpired Government-issued Identification Card issued by a state or U.S. territory provided it contains a photograph or Unexpired U.S. Passport.

In that case, how would someone under the legal age of being issued a drivers license be able to have an account?  My son has a youth spending account and I do not believe we had to send a photo ID.  In any case, since my daughter is of legal age to drive, we can wait for her license to come in the mail, which will be another two weeks.  If we can avoid the wait by looking into my initial comments, it would be much appreciated.

@GiDaddy, A state issued identification would suffice if a drivers license is not available.  We are happy to discuss this in further detail by calling us at 800-531-8722.  Thank you.