How do we go about setting up access for our kids for them to be able to use the app for their accounts?  We've tried registering on the app and this website but neither will work.


@ar15fifle, We certainly want to help your kids get access through the app and/or online! You simply need to modify your parental controls through your login.  To do this, login > click on the down arrow where your name appears in the upper right corner > select profile & preference > scroll down to the middle right of the page you will see "Parental Controls"; click on the Edit option and you will see what you are able to approve.  Please let us know if you need further assistance with these steps!    ~JM

I have had this exact same problem.  Been trying for days.  You may want to revisit this process to make it more user friendly in the future.  Everytime I followed the direction to type in parental controls, it through me to a new application for a spending account. 



@elise33, Sorry it's been difficult getting the Parental Controls set up. The steps listed before are correct. (Click your name in the upper right> Profile and Preferences> Parental Controls edit)


The only reason that I think it may not be working is that maybe you are logged into the adults account that is not the sponsor. I have seen spouses that share their log in info and maybe the youth account is tied to the other person. Maybe that's why the website thinks you need to open an account?


If that isn't the case, please call our website support team at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say "technical support". Hope this helps!!   ~Tom

Once I install the app on my childs phone what user name and password do they use? I do not want to give them mine. I have already followed your instructions under parental controls but how do my children login.

Hello @G Team, Your child would need to register online as well and create a user name and password just for them. To do that, go to and click Log On... there will be a spot that says Set Up Online Access. 


Once they are able to get online or on the app, they will only be able to see what account(s) they are attached to. Hope this helps!!   ~Tom