Your concerns are very important to us. I will forward your message to the appropriate department to review your feedback and concerns.

Keith Barrows

The above is a lie and has been alie for several years.


I have been trying for over 2 years to use the "unemployeed" insurance (some companies call it gap insurance) on my vehicle loan.  So far, I've been unsuccessful.  It is now, after struggling to keep up on payments, out for repo.  Yay team.  We love our veterans, we bend over backwards for our veterans.  This is an absolute, bald faced lie.


The Office of the CEO was supposed to look into a year or more ago.  I was told to call the 3rd party carrier, who then told me to call USAA.  Yea, that went well.  "Our department policy is to point a finger at another department or to an outside company."  Why was I paying $80-$100 each month for a coverage USAA **NEVER** meant to be used?


With around $2 million dollars cycled through this bank over the last 25+ years all the help I can get is "sorry, I can't help you."  I feel like I am at the VA when the doc says "bend over, this won't hurt a bit".


@Keith Barrows, I'm saddened to learn that you've been struggling to keep up with your auto loan payments. I can see that your concerns were elevated earlier this month. I'll share your post with the team that has been assigned to review those concerns. ~DC