You can now put a Block/Freeze for each credit card? NICE!

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So, I have the latest USAA app in my phone. And I've noticed there is block feature for each credit cards now. NICE! I don't know if that feature has always been there or if its new to USAA, but i like it.
I knew you could always do it with the debit card, so I'm glad i can now do it with my USAA Credit cards.


For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, the feature is sort of simlar to Discover's "Freeze it" feature. Where, in case you cant find your card, you can always temporarily "freeze" your card until it is safely back it your hands.


See youtube video of what I'm talking about:



Anyway. to navigate to it: 

Log in app>

Drop Down Menu botton on the top LEFT >

Wallet >

Click on the credit card you want >

Block Card.


and when you find your card you can click: Unblock Card.


Thank you USAA for adding this feature.



It's great to hear you like this feature. We appreciate your feedback. Have a great weekend!

Do you know if it is possible to do this through the website instead of the app?  This would be a nice feature.

Absolutely sheridp, To do so, access the account page your card is associated with, scroll to the Account Services options and select Block or Unblock a card from the ATM/Debit Card links. ~ Lori

If the card is blocked, but not lost, just blocked to prevent use until actually needed, will the blocked card be void from credit reporting? Will the blocked card not be used to determine the credit score?

@AshevilleSoaps, great question! When a card is blocked, it will only affect any charges being made to the card. All other features of the card, including reporting, will remain the same. ~Holland