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I've sent money to people already through this app and it's been nearly a week and NOTHING. This extension is absolutely TERRIBLE!!! No one has received anything, but it's telling me that money was sent. Now the money is in virtual space and everyone is out of luck. 


I'm waiting on money from others to pay rent and it's LONG after the 3 day period for it. I cannot believe this was put in place without even an e-mail to customers with USAA. This thing needs to be removed. It's so ridiculous that the people you send it to ALSO have to have Zelle. What is the point of that?! There are apps to do that with like VenMo which I don't even want to use. 


What was the purpose of removing the old transfer system? People received money within minutes - IT WAS RELIABLE! 


This issue needs to be resolved - immediately. 


Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, 1013CAC. I have provided to the team that handles this service for review. Please know that the recipients of your transaction do need to register one time with Zelle to receive the funds. If they are using a financial institution that does not participate in Zelle, they will need to register at www.clearxchange.com to receive money from you. I hope this helps - Cathleen



All recipients have registered for Zelle. We have all been waiting for our transactions to go through but nothing has happened. Although Zelle is going through USAA  - it feels like a scam. We've been waiting days for these funds to pay bills and are now behind. 


This service needs to be removed from USAA. This has depleted the trust I've held in USAA for years. There is no reason for consumers to have to sign up for a service INSIDE THE SERVICE WE ARE ALREADY IN.  


I want to know when the funds are going to go through, where the money is right now, and alternatives to using Zelle for USAA. 

I've sent the additional feedback you provided to our team. For future transfers, if this is a recipient that you previously transferred funds to, you are able to use the Transfer Funds to them, rather than the Zelle transfer. Simply click the Transfer option, instead of the Send Money with Zelle. With regards to the status of the current transfer, please contact us at 210-531-8722, as we are not able to provide specific details within this community for your privacy and protection. - Cathleen

Here is what I've found out about this horrible new addition to USAA. 


1. Zelle can't actually cancel payments - USAA does  (Or so the rep told me)

2. The NUMBER ONE ISSUE has been people not receiving payments because their numbers are "not registered with the USAA account

3. If you're looking for how to do this I can tell you that.

a. you need to be in the USAA App



d. Click "EDIT SETTINGS" under the Urgent Messages Category

e. Scroll ALLLLLLLLLL the way down to Text Messages where you will see a link below that says Register this number

f. Then wait all of eternity to get your Registration Code 

4. USAA claims they can't actually cancel payments - the customer has to (or so THAT rep told me) 

5. In order to even cancel payments you have to go INTO the Zelle app, click on Activity, click the payment pending, and then click cancel. 


All of this has been told to me after excrutiatingly prodding for information. 

I have not been successful in achieving ANY OF THIS as my phone is acting up. 


I thought I'd leave what I have found out here so if it can help someone - there you go. USAA you have been of no help at all and have officially made me a believer in your inability to support your customers. 

And a year later the same nonsense continues. Hope everything was resolved. In my case, right now the money my wife sent to me is lost in the ozone. Her bank says it was sent and received by USAA. First if all it didn’t hit my account right away like it usually does. I call USAA and they say systems are being worked on. Then i notice a deposit and a reversal out for the Zelle payment. USAA claims that they did not reverse it and they can’t see why it was reversed/rejected but then when I said that my wife’s bank said they did not reverse the funds, all of a sudden the rep says the systems are having issues. Sounds like USAA are liars and will say anything.
Zelle is just another way for banks to tie up people’s money and rip them off! I am going to spread the word about them and USAA. Ridiculous!

@Fecha, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Zelle. I definitely understand your frustration. I will have your information forwarded to a subject matter expert for review on this matter. ~ Samantha

I can send my friend money just fine, he got it in less than 10 min, it's been 4 days and it still says you're money is on it's way, how the does it take 4 days!!!! This just adds to the list of junk USSA has, gonna go with RBFCU.

Hello @1ususbeudu37e, thank you for reaching out to us today. I would like to review this further and see what is going on. Can you please share via PM details on the situation? -Emily

Hello @1ususbeudu37e, I wanted to follow up to see if you were still needing help? -Emily